Types of Trips

International business: 

The best way to learn about the world of international trade is to talk to the experts, and this is what we will take you to do. During these trips, you will be able to learn from a small exporter who will tell us about his experiences, to a tour within a fiscal precinct, guided by his own workers, through talks with customs agencies and logistic companies.


In combination with academic programs, we can design activities that will help to generate in the student a sense of belonging that he carries with him throughout his life. We can organise from a moon to a Rally involving physical and academic skills.

Administration and Industry:

Few activities are more memorable than touring an industrial plant and knowing the processes that produce the items we consume every day. From consumer goods factories to automotive plants; from large corporations to small family businesses, we have contact with a wide variety of organizations and we will be happy to establish a visit for you and your students to know, and that will be  useful throughout the academic year.


From visiting a laboratory or an industrial plant where chemical reactions are made we can visit artisanal places where the reactions are performed with common inputs in our lives. This way we can show the student the practical application of what is being seen in the classroom and how it affects the aspects of everyday life.


An important part of students' learning is to live with different indigenous communities and learn about their way of life. We know multiple indigenous communities where we can also do social action while learning a new language or know more about our traditions. Branches like law, sociology, literature, social problems and economics can have a lot of interest in this type of travel, where the student ends up feeling more proud of being Mexican.


Mexico is one of the most megadiverse countries of the world. Although the Mexican territory represents only 1% of the earth's surface, it hosts more than 10% of the world's biological diversity.

In this type of trip, we can design an unforgettable itinerary where the participants will know more about our flora and fauna, as well as the activities that can be done to preserve it, like the rescue of turtles, the whale watching , the classification of fungi or the migration of the monarch butterfly, among many other activities.


With a trip the geography comes to life, since the student will be able to witness the different aspects that define the national orography by first hand . From erosion to prevailing economic activities, a trip will be what makes sense of everything you see in the classroom.


Our way of adding value to these trips is to design activities that help the student to understand the historical moments and the importance they have for our country.

In this way we take them to know from the most important archaeological sites, to our beautiful colonial cities.


This type of trip allows us to take advantage of the cultural and natural richness of the different destinations of the country, and allow us to involve 2 or more subjects within the same, giving the opportunity to involve several groups and school degrees

When a teacher or a school proposes us a desired destination, our extensive knowledge of the country from an academic point of view, allows us to suggest other visits that involve different subjects to complement the trip. 

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